Internet of Things application software by Qulix

Qulix Systems has been rolling out practical solutions to its clients in the realm of finance and banking, since its creation. The company in its years long tenure has analysed cumbersome processes with perfection. It has addressed issues concerning the clientele with timely assessment by the core group. Instead of covering up the problem, the think tank has provided a solution-centric software.
For the record, Qulix System – Top 10 IOT companies already put into practice in the Top 20 Eastern European Banks. The revolutionary brainchild is christened Qulix Solution. It is a coordinated user interface layout which simplify’s a bank’s customer care wing. Personal virtual office, mobile banking, internet banking, PFM and other similar services become a breeze for a bank customer. It also provides them with expedient medium for accessing remote app services in a safe and secure manner. This firm offers banks a never seen before progress in thoughtful exchange of ideas with the customers. This new age advancement overthrows a standing mindset about banking services. Also Qulix can provide revolutionary smart home lighting control which can make your life easier.
Internet of Things cloud icon vector illustration.

Internet of Things cloud icon vector illustration.

The ground breaking solution is a coming together of bank portals, mobile applications, sales engines and integration servers. In retail digital banking, this high-end financial solution offers a comprehensive approach to user experience. The latest innovation in technology enables seamless management via digital e-channels. The flexible integration software is an expert in multi channel management. The platform is a forefront in targeting and segmenting customer groups. The front end arrangement can be easily customized, thanks to its modern responsive designing tools.
The esteemed clientage of Qulix – IOT app company include the likes of Ros Bank, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, VTB24, Tinkoff Bank, SBER Bank, Alfa Bank, Trans Capital Bank, Russian Standard Bank, RosEvro Bank and URALSIB. The banking sector has availed huge benefits in the domain of online business. The futuristic software engages customers in communication portals and development in money management through remote banking applications. The product is enriched with fresh ideas for added functionalities. Furthermore, it offers mobile and social media payment solutions to clients. It teaches life lessons in personal finance management as well as location services.
Apart from finding software solutions for banking software, Qulix – custom software development firm which offers investment companies, hedge fund corporations, emerging startups and fin tech companies. It offers next generation solutions to small and medium scale businesses and corporate banks. Everyday activities at specific bank branches are interconnected with excellent communication with customers. The organisation is unified with efficient implementation of IT consultancy.